The Fierce And The Dead – Truck

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“Psychedelic and epic instrumental anthems” Circuit Sweet

“Psychedelic stoners with a penchant for synthwave, King Crimson and Black Flag” Classic Rock Magazine UK (Progressive album of the year 2018)

Learn to play TRUCK here:

Animation & Video Direction – Mark Duffy
Written by Feazey/Stevens/Cleaton/Marshall
Produced by The Fierce And The Dead
Live Video shot in the USA by Zeitgeist Media and produced by Roldan Entertainment at Rosfest 2017
Live footage edited by Ashley Jones (The Chaos Engineers)
Video Co-ordination by Stuart Marshall for Bad Elephant/Spencer Park Music
The Fierce And The Dead use Rotosound Strings
Audio recorded at Livingstone Studios/The Ant Farm

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Shawn Mann

This is so freaking cool

The Fierce And The Dead

100,000 views!!!! Magic!!! Thanks everyone xxx


Perfect for all truck and non-truck related activities




I had to keep turning this up! It's aces!

graham chapman

Interesting Band, Cracking and Banging. ; )

Steven Junor

Loving it

Matt Shaw

Popped up randomly in my recommendations! WOW!! I think I may have done a little wee in excitement! Amazing!!


1:30 onward – pure fire!


Keep It Up!


First time I’ve ever clicked on an ad

Stephy Auditore

I got recommended this song by Instagram, nice tune!

Fat Cap

Haha daaamn keep it up!!! U rock!! Blew my mind 😀

Brian Madden

“Let’s Play All” led me here and I am so glad he did. Awesome rock tune 🤟🏽

Bry Dykes

One of the best driving songs ever.

Pierre Rosique


Office Broomer


Hisham Faour

Nice! Featured in "Progressive Rock Fanatics". Would be great to have you there among many other bands and fans. All the best,

Julian Davies

Trucking great! Would expect nothing less, of course…

Benoit Adam

Perfectly fitted for Gran Turismo !

Bass Jon

yes guys! roll on London

Fu_k the Zeitgeist

That song really sounds like something you'd listen while driving some sort of vehicle! Congrats, guys! 😀

Zombie Picnic

Loving the new tune, congrats lads.

bev ellis

Another classic. TFATD can do no wrong. Great road trip vid

kozmik ken

Just in time for Kozfest!

Vortex Afternoon Music

This track rules. Looking forward to album.

Nick Tann

This will do nicely!