This is the Holy Grail of Peacock Bass Fishing

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There is a reason why we keep coming back to the Rio Negro with Acute Angling every year. That is because there is nothing else like it. The Amazon basin is the best location to fish for peacock bass. The giant Peacock Bass (Cichla temensis) is a target. It is found only in the Amazon basin, primarily in Brazil but with small parts of its range extending into Venezuela and Colombia.

Last week we headed deep into the Rio Negro in search of new fishing spots without the traffic near the city. Today we continue searching for monster bass.

The Blackwater Explorer yacht operates with Acute Angling with a primary mission to provide the highest quality fishing experience possible in the safest, most comfortable manner. Exploring deep in the Rio Negro, the crew will take you to the most productive peacock bass fishing waters in the Amazon at any time during our season, regardless of the effort and expense necessary to get you there. With this accomplished, the staff will ensure that your trip is the fishing trip of a lifetime, with unequaled comfort, luxury, and service.

The Blackwater Explorer yacht operates in two different regions as it follows the Amazon’s moving dry season from South to North.

The Igapó Açu — In August, September, and early October, the yacht operates in a restricted Indian reservation, the Igapó Açu. This lagoon-studded region provides a fishing experience focused on high numbers.

Rio Negro Basin — From mid-October through March, the yacht moves into this giant region, providing a trip focused on a mix of size and productivity.

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