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What shall we do next?

brayden hill

I think the helmet looks fire. But favorite color definitely has to be clear

Gavin Pfeiffer

norm is def the best fishing youtuber keep the great vids coming norm much love

bernadette labatt

Keep it up


I love green WOOOOOOOO and im left handed wink wink

Randall Hickman

I want a reel


Favorite color red lol and love the video have learned so much about fishing from these


We are so jealous of the friendship you three have. Always looking towards to the vids

Frumple Bumbleforn

Been saying throughout the last few videos I’m hoping to get a boat hopefully. I got a boat. Finally! I don’t care if it’s snowing out…. I’m going fishing all the time for the next few months

Benjamin Salas

Free reel

Kyle O

I would definitely take a left handed baitcaster. Your videos are the best fishing videos on YouTube. Burnt orange is my favorite color

Mannys fishing adventures

I want a left handed reel it's all I use thanks yoh correction I guessing use the same as you just saw you using the reel I reel with my right hand give it to someone who will use it subed and liked bud great videos

Andrew Achoy

want the left handed baitcaster….just an observation, how is it a lefthanded reel when you have to do almost everything with the right hand, the only thing you have to do with the left hand is reel.

Connor Joy

i love your vids my fav color is blue

ben knowles

Best friends always make bangers white sharp tooth baits is money!


Norm is such a good sport 🤣 these collabs have become much favorite lol… BTW my favorite color is blue and yes I only use left handed reels.


"Something nice", my favorite color is a left handed reel.

Mike Tillotson

I'm right handed but have always fished a left hand retrieve! I'll take that bad boy!

Liz Sinclair

The intro always put a smile on my face😊

Devin Moore

Norm is a awesome individual and very humble and very hilarious 😂

William Albiniano

LoJo my dude!!! My main man!!! Lol other then Norm, TJ, an Badge!!!! Lol you guys please reach out to me!! I have some ideas that could honestly possibly help the Bass Fishing future!!!

Teresa Woodside

I love your videos!

Wayne Raybourne

My fave color is blue, but I'm right handed

Jenessa St Johns

I actually use a left hand reel your nice ar to be giving it away fav color is blue

Fishin Spokane

The helmet brings out the color in your eyes!

Casting with Cason

norm your videos are the best, my favorite color is green and I'm left handed

Stephen Ellis

If you can use a spinning combo, you can fish a left handed bait caster.

Shane Krebbeks

norm like a pro 👏


Love watching your videos with my dads and I have never had a bait caster and I’m left handed

Jonathan Rodriguez

Thanks to you norm I got back into fishing also my favorite color is white keep up the content 👍

Ben Pancake

yet another banger