Walking the BEACH with One Fishing Rod and Then I Saw a Sea MONSTER!

Sight Fishing a BEACH MONSTER In Crystal Clear Water!!

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jim panella

“Short cuts make long delays.”

james ellis

Extend the rails and put in mount for the extension

Quantum Strange Quark

Use pool noodles on your trailer.

Preston d

What size jig head u using and can u use a weedless hook with it tyty great vid

Brandan Jones

Hey man love the channel and content..good to have a fun clean channel I can watch with my son! Love the bracelet God bless you!

David Lucia

You can put rubber like a little piece of a tire that will work won’t damage boat


Flex seal tape

Jonathan Espadas
Steve Lake

Just started watching your channel love your enthusiasm I’m in the UK ,I have to ask what is the thing with the turquoise colours everywhere even in your house ,I did google it and saw it was associated to the Seminole tribe ?

Jason Woehler

Pvc as runners

Russ Kelso

Amazing nice job buddy

anmol. khandelwal

Was very surprised at the sensitivity of this rod enjoyable.fishing recommend Was very impressed. And the extendable handle really lets you get a great casting action.

Adam Elliott

Are you going to be in Wetumpka anytime soon I have some thick rubber skirting that will do the trick and I have plenty of it. Email me and I will get it to you.

roy Landress

Hey bama beach bum I live in northeast ala.but want to do some beach fishing where can I go on the bama coast to do this?


Too much talking….

Brian Christy

Carpet another 2×4 and put carpet 2×4 spacers on the outside under the original 2×4.


I’m going to FL next month and will try my hand at pier fishing. I have plenty of inshore rods but am looking for something a bit bigger to be used for piers and shore fishing. I can’t seem to find any of the rods you suggested in your earlier videos. Can you recommend a budget rod somewhere in the 9-10 range? Preferably 2 piece for ease of transportation. Thanks!

Brad Dragoo

Piece of tire wired or zip tied to contact area

Scotty K!

Maybe a Flex Seal product????? Nice Red!

Chris Digges

Use a large pool noodle! I have the same trailer with a hobie pa14 on it and the noodle works great. Attach it with large thick zip ties. Won’t move!

Bobby Todd

Love this video. Beautiful beach and water.

DL M (Sarge)

Right day, right time, right place, right tackle and best of all the right guy with the right skills! Well done!! Thanks for all the exciting ,great content!!

Outdoors with mike

Wow huge fish love the water so clear Another awesome video 👍🏽


If you lived closer to Georgia I would love to help you with your project maybe a collaboration. Maybe you could find someone local that would collaborate with you. You could convert the trailer to accommodate two kayaks. It would be a great DIY video.Converting a jet ski trailer into a kayak trailer.
https://youtu.be/Xl42efFGkWM trailer conversion

Aaron Edlund

What happened to your last video?

Bama Fishing

Use bubble wrap

Hog Man

Place outdoor carpet on the area you are concerned about.

Space Coast Surf Fishing

How long have you been making utube fishing videos? When you first started how many watches did you get? How long did it take to get your first 1000 subscribers? I really want to know.

Cindylou Granada

I wish i can have the ml set old u have 😘😘

Jim Cole

What size Slam Shady were you using, 3"?

Lina English

Pool noodle!!!

Scott Gala

Put a cut piece of cutting board and heat it up and mold it over that edge

Lisa Roosa

So fun!

Charles Buckner

You could just try a bow rest that you commonly see on bigger boat trailers

Z -Teezy

Man I’m too high I thought this was a video game at the beginning

Esteban Benitez

A sturdy rubber matt


Another great video, Bum! We use Rad Sportz wall mounts from Amazon for our kayaks. They are great space savers. Keep at it!