15 incredible performance car bargains!

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Are you after some cheap thrills?

No, not like that. Mat’s got a rundown for you today of the most fun cars to drive which you can pick up for next to nothing these days.

It can sometimes seem like you need to remortgage your house to get hold of a fun, fast car, however that’s not necessarily the case. Take a look at the used market and you can find some proper bargains.

We have five categories to choose from including sports saloons, sports coupes, hot hatchbacks, SUVs and estate cars and convertibles. Prices start from as low as £2,000, and go all the way up to £20,000.

So whether you’re after something small and nimble like the Honda Civic Type R, or something brutally fast and practical like the Mercedes AMG E63 estate, there’s something for everyone.

Stick with Mat for the 15 best performance car bargains.

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David G.

So a 2door bmw m3 is a saloon now

Dennis Naved Mahmood

I am thinking to get a cls diesel from 2008. What do you think about that. Any advice

Tom Hughes

£15k would be better spent on a boxster than a 911 imo


You missed the fastest absolute bargain sports / performance car.
The Audi TTS, 6-8k gets you an AWD car that does 0-60 in 5.2s standard or 4.4s with a standard remap.
Why pay 17k for something like a Golf R or an S3 when for half the price you can get something that handles and looks way better!


here's a list of cars to bankrupt you and break your heart

Shane Berx

love the fact that he mentions 80% of the most unreliable cars for these categories xD

Kalin Popov

That looked like a list of the most expensive to maintain used cars 😀 but also very nice cars.

Sean Gates

Mat, I always enjoy your unbiased entertaining content — until my own 2-years-from-new car is in the shop longer than expected, and THEY don't even know what the problem is after 72 hours, then all I hear is blablablablablablah. Keep up the great work!

man on a mission

BMW 3.0 m54 231hp


Good video! RenaultSport Clio 200 from circa 2010 should be in there though. Even though the Civic Type R is good.

Eddy Rocket

Dear god that e63 sure looks appealing

pedro hernandez

Matt is just MattWOW!!

God of Music

no. 172bp with 220nm of torque with 0-100 in 7 seconds

Dewi Jones

Best Sport “Saloons”.. then lists an e92 M3 coupe 🤣

Catalin Raducan

They're cheap for a reason.


id Buy R129 Mercedes 600SL V12 😀

Nik Gnashers

Always wanted an EP3 Type R. Looked at dozens of them, and every one in my price range was an absolute shed.


"15 Incredible Money-Pits!"

WilliamDestructor DOTO

so you can skip M3 save 10 000 and invest in CLS 😀

Reece Turner

Amazed the BMW M135/40i isn't on here


A cheap Mr2 is great too

Ali 31

Also. If you get an auto mk5 r32, that is one of the earlier dsg’s and they tend to get very clunky over time, so just be aware.

Raymond Ashby

0:59: 2004 motor?? that's gonna cost you EVERY TIME you go in to london's ulez…….. cost a sodding fortune

Stephan Dolby

So, aside of the Mondeo… you're saying go German or Japanese, or go home.

Exotic Nature

Nice Matt, you should do more of these types of vids , or at least once in a while!!

Jack Shoots

Original TTRS S Tronic, got mine for 20k stage 1 remap. Around 3.5 to 60 and not as much understeer as they go on about with a nice set of PSS tires.


You know you can’t take the video seriously soon as they recommend buying an rx8😂 especially at 70k miles, ya enjoy driving it for 30k before you have to rebuild the engine


You won't find a E92 m3 here for 20k, maybe 40k with 40-70k miles


The RX8 you showed pictures of is the low HP version with 190hp not 230. You can tell as it doesn't have the headlight washers.


Alternative title: "The top 15 least reliable cars"

St M

You forgot Mazda MPS series.

Nick W

I was looking at that exact e63 last night wondering what issues it might have. Thanks carwow!

Gamer Souleman #1


Grey guy.

Why are all the big channels turning into this cheap content and hardly doing car reviews or driving others' cars anyone? Doughnut media has gone the same route.
I remember when a car channel had to make quality content but now they are making cheap easy-to-make content.
A British car reviewer covered this topic saying it's too much hard work for the numbers, so he just reacts to the videos now instead and is quitting altogether driving modified cars.
Sadly, multiple creators are going this way. I remember creates said I would rather make your quality videos instead of making fast, easy content. But here we are with him doing exactly that

Murzynek 69

Most of these cars are cheap because they have enormous mechanical problems from the factory. And after 150 k Miles its not getting any better…

Andrew Little

Surprised the 987 Cayman S didn't make it into the sub 15k sports car category!



sânzi pânzi

you put bmws as "performance" cars🥸

DvB Be$poke

obviously who ever made this list had stock cars in mind 🤣

Ali Salahat

Mazda speed 3 instead of golf ….

Alex Daniel

Vauxhall speedster/ or Gt should be on your list dude !

Andrei Arama

I feel so sad hearing the new prices of any of the cars on this list and comparing with what you can buy today for the same price. Many of you will say that new cars today have a lot more options,but I want you to know that most of it are electronics and after a few years most of them stop working or are obsolete


i loveeee videos like these, please do more for family cars, SUVs, etc!!!


M3 Coupe a bargain? A good one here in Finland costs around 34-42k euros nowdays. The sedan is even more rare. 55k in here. So not a bargain.

Alphyz Qrw
Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars, trucks and busses including classics will be banned from public streets in entire EU and Scandinavia 🙁 In Germany the Green Peoples Party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing petrol stations to only one state operated central gas station per city. From 2027 on in the EU certain car spare parts will be banned too….as exhaust systems, turbo chargers and even some engine and gearbox oils…California and New York will do the same from 2027 on…. So no investments should be done in oil burning cars any longer….They even created a new kind of crime here, called emissions and smoke crime!!!!