Billy Strings – "Meet Me at the Creek-Pyramid Country" Winston-Salem, NC March 4, 2023

Please subscribe. SICKEST CREEK THIS YEAR!!!!!!
*Note: I screwed up during the transition to Must Be Seven and somehow turned the cam off and didn’t realize it till it was too late. Sorry about that guys!!

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John-Joe Barrett

"meet me at the creek"…"told ya" that got me lol

Kelli Williams

How do you get so close? Do you work for Billy? Fan? I'm so curious. I would love to be so close that they may spit on me! Poor white girl problems.

Cathy Greathouse

Hot Damn ! Them boys were smoking hot on this Meet me at the Creek Wow ! 🔥


Felt that creek creepin on back and ohhhh what a ride it was.


This had my brain spinning, completely forgot what song we were on for a bit. So great!


Such a amazing talent for us all to enjoy what a wonderful exciting time for music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 holy hell yeah Apostol is just what was needed thanks for sharing Love always Sunshine Melissa Harris ✨❇️✨


its bonkers to me that this went right back to Creek after lmao

was such a crazy show so glad to be there

Hoorn beck

That was an amazing set. How long did did that 4 songs go for? Had to be 40 minutes, more?



Kelly Kelso

Thanks for posting this!

Mary Baker

Thank you for capturing. Super glad I got to watch the Friday show and meet Billy's biggest fan!

Jackie Ringersma



hell yea, thanks dawg! 26:43!!!

Jessica Stoke

Perfect timing, just walking out of work. Thanks again for all you do DG!! The Boys were hot last night. 🌠✨

Laurie Smith

Thanks for sharing!! 🎵💞🎶☮☯️ can't wait for this to be on nugs 🤯