Who were the Olmecs? #joerogan #jre #history #pyramid #science #mexico

Who were the mysterious Rubber People, that the Aztecs reffered to?
Graham hancock and Joe Rogan discuss the mysterious Olmecs, along with the beautiful Quetzalcoatl found on various descriptions aswell as pyramids.

The Joe Rogan Eperience#1928 w/ Graham hancock.

A huge thank you for photos and videos goes to:

Osama Shukir Muhammed amin FRCP / Wimimedia Commons
Sue Kleckney / Wimimedia Commons
Audrey and George Delang / Wimimedia Commons
Chris1964 / Wimimedia Commons
Glysiak / Wimimedia Commons
Gary Todd / Wimimedia Commons
Oldraccon / Wimimedia Commons
Rama / Wimimedia Commons

#joerogan #jre #history #pyramid #science #mexico

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