Elon Musk Just SOLVED the mystery of The Great Pyramid!

A 5-word tweet by a tech genius, Elon Musk, riled the archaeological community around the globe. Did the billionaire solve the long-standing mystery of The Great Pyramid, or can we write off the remark as another one of Elon’s eccentric tweets?

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Egyptians did not build the pyramids they inherited them.


Pyramids were never tombs. Khufu/Cheops didn't build the great pyramid. Pyramids are about 13,000 – 30,000 years old. They were powerplants, such as Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower. Why do they keep lying about the ancient (pre- Noah's flood) global civilization? Zahi Hawass is paid to lie. Now ask yourselves why.

John Carman

The pyrimids where made one molded rock at a time and slaves used to push it used tools they learned as they where building since well… they take years to build so yeh one lil stone at a time builds the rock wall a lil bit higher lol

David Hathaway


Hemana G

Thoth the Atlantean priest-king is responsible for the emerald tablets, a guide to immortality, astronomy, astrology, measurements, mathematics, all introduced to the world by him and much more. He built the great pyramid with help from other civilisations, inter stellar. The kings chamber "sarcophogus" is where ones consciousness can travel through the cosmos, and enlightenment. Thoth ruled for 14,000 years. Going beneath the great pyramid to the halls of amenti, where the immortal councils avatars assist Thoth with the rituals for rejuvenation, this required sleep for at least 10 years to live 100 years, up to 100 years to live 1000 years. No slaves used at great pyramid. Sound, vibration resonance removed up to 95% of rock weight. Kings chamber anchored a crane which is still in the pyramid.

Tami McClintock

Aliens EVERYWHERE!! Watch our, The GREAT DECEPTION is about to happen and you will be deceived by "aliens" coming to help you

Tami McClintock

I think this is pure evil in disguise. Stop worshipping Elyon Musk.