Cat Melt Down! CAR WIZARD shares everything you wanted to know about Catalytic Converters and more!

There’s a lot of talk about Catalytic Converters today. The CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ explains what they are, why they are required and what can happen when one epically melts down. Thanks Hoovie for letting us use your Ferrari 456 today.


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Cats when working properly do not hurt the vehicles performance at all. When they are not is a very different issue. Cause fires,, yes they do, I have put them out as a volounteer firefighter. I have been gassed by one as well, the floor was so hot it was frying the carpet.
You can buy 'generic' cats and weld them to the existing pipes, or fabricated ones. And they do work correctly.And a good deal cheaper than imitation Fiat ones!!
IF a cat has burnt up being lean WHAT has it done to the engine? Melted the pistons probably and cooked the rings, headgaskets and even valves and valve seals. Yet the computer is supposed to stop all that. As it seems it did eventually on this car.

Ben Wright

..they keepstealin myCats I might hafta Kill.

Walter Machnicz

Back in the day (1960s) SMOG was getting so bad
Cities with major problems became high fog and people were selling Oxygen time on street corners.
So no I do not know this was the best answer. But it works. This country has not had its cities getting worse and worse like mainland China.


Not every day you get to slice open a Ferrari cat to see what's inside 🧐

Terrance Akerson

Platinum is around $900.00 an ounce
Palladium is around $2,2000 an ounce
Rhodium is around $14,000

Hirsch nope

I pulled a bad factory one off an 01 Ranger got 275 dollars for it, shipping to them was free. I bought a 95 Honda Accord that was straight piped instead of a catalytic converter, ran great until it got T boned


Pretty funny. You say most people don’t know why a cat is there. But turns your you don’t either. It is not for burning carbon.


Thank you so much for doing video on WHY these Cats get stolen. Very Nice that you had one to take apart to explain the guts of the EXPENSIVE parts to me Farmed out as high value metals. My Cat was CUT off my 2000 Ford F-250 in my driveway. 40 second the theft took my next home over came out with all the saw noise. ( My RING camera recording all the theft)
The guy in vehicle started beeping horn. I called the cops they were there in like 10 minutes. The cop was so nice, he even said he was sorry this happened to us. We gave him RING footage of theft, it gave PD a License number of theft vehicle. My next home over got License also. About a week later we got call from a Detective from a big city by my home. You see the same vehicle was used on another Cat. theft, this time the home owner confronted the theft. guess what happened the theft person pulled a GUN on homeowners. My ( RING Camera) gave great information on theft ring doing the Stealing of these Cats. The bad part is it cost me $2500 for replacement plus I installed anti theft rebar cage. Like he said if I just installed a straight pipe, would have check Engine light ON, my truck did not run right without Cat. installed properly. Just sucks in my Humble opinion. I'm just saying to everyone out there. PAY the money to get the anti theft protection. It's a LOT cheaper than them cutting off your Cat. They do it in less than a minute. The PD must start investigation on who is buying these Cats. to melt down, go after source.


Back in the late 70 s you could drill holes in the bottom of the cat and release the back pressure when they would clog up and it worked from what i hear from old school mechanics,,,would that work today?????


If you lived in Southern California in the 50s, 60s or early 70s, you'd understand exactly why catalytic converters exist. There were days you couldn't go outside air was so bad. Any large metropolitan area dealt with this, post converters now things are better but still days where smog occurs. These largely cut emissions from cars.

Michael Mastriano

If you're going to steal a cat for the platinum, at least leave the o2 sensor intact so the stupid ecm lets car start

God of destruction diecast

I would say this if it wasn't for catalytic converters we could we wouldn't be able to see the roads because it will be fogged up with all types of gases and we be choking and wearing gas masks just like in China

Mohamed Yasin Arakkal

Will putting high flow cats cause an issues.

Alan Hunt

Yep the car engine sounds and performs a whole lot better without them. Technologically it’s as pathetic as shoving an oily rag up the exhaust pipe and expecting it to run well. Year on year it just gets worse.


I ordered some parts the other day that said in stock and even on sale. You'd imagine stores wouldn't run a sale on things they don't have. Nope. Hey, we'll ship those to you in April of 2023. Welp, cancel that order and write off that store from all future orders. Very unprofessional.

Lindsay Green

How many times can you say meow in a video?

William Ambrogio

My cat goes "Meow" and she is a lot cheaper to maintain !! 😂
Great Video. Thanks


@Car Wizard I believe FabSpeed can actually rebuild or re-core your stock Cats on the 456.

SUN'S out GUNTS out

I run all my cars w/o catalytic converters. Except the ones attached to the manifold. I register them in a nearby county w/ no emissions. Recycling the converter pay for most of the vehicle.

Churble Furbles

Government mandates and enables the problem.

mark adams

Of course I would never do this but my friend took his cats off and his vehicle runs 50% better.😉


Run it with a straight through exhaust until the cats arrive. 😊


All because a BS federal agency regulates the fact you MUST have what you do not need for your vehicle to run.

Richard Bambenek

I was a victim about 10 years ago when my S-10 Blazer was at a shop parking lot waiting for service. Unfortunately his insurance only covered cars inside the shop.

Steven Atwater

Not that kind of Cat… it is also NOT a Cadillac converter as I've heard some say. 🙂

Leechburg Lights

You're looking pretty trim there Wizard.

Andrey Abutin

Don't quote me on it, but nowadays some of the more in-demand cats are now being resold to shops and put back into vehicles rather than cut up for metal extraction


Well done for at least protecting your eyes. Yet we see an un shielded grinder with a death wheel. I do not understand what drives people to remove these critical safety items. Further a quality face shield is under $20.
Either way I can’t help stupid and the fact you are allowing equipment set up like that in your shop and then put it out on YouTube says a lot about your workplace safety standards.
Take this seriously you own the shop and you are responsible for people.

Norman Pain

Car wizard. I really liked this video. I knew a fair bit about CATS before but I didn't know about the Palladium and Rhodium being in there as well as Platinum. I also was ignorant of how those rare metals were incorporated into the unit. Thanks for a super informative video on CATS and all the other videos of yours I have watched. Great job!!


I'm an air quality scientist, and I have to say catalytic converters have been one of the most consequential improvements we've seen in terms of reducing air pollution. Most people today don't remember, but 50 years ago even smaller or mid-sized cities had terrible air quality. The sky would often have a yellow haze. There's been a lot of improvements by industry, but in many places cars contribute more than 50% of the smog forming emissions. So while it's a PITA to deal with when they get stolen, we're all breathing easier because of it.

Anton Pandoursky

So,government should pay for it when it gets stolen, because they came up with that crap!