How Car Batteries are Made

Have you ever wondered how car batteries are made, or what exactly is in a car battery? Interstate Batteries shows you exactly what goes into making a car battery and how they generate electricity. No, we couldn’t capture the energy of a small child, but lead and acid come pretty close.


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Contents of this Video

00:00 – [ Intro: What’s in a Car Battery ]
00:17 – [ How Lead becomes Grids for a Battery ]
00:24 – [ What Makes Lead into Plates and What are they Used For]
00:40 – [ How Plates become Positive or Negative ]
00:51 – [ How Many Plates are in a Battery ]
01:05 – [ Adding the Case to the Battery ]
01:15 – [ What are Electrolytes Added for in a Battery ]
01:26 – [ How Formation Makes a Battery Carry a Charge ]
01:45 – [ Lead and Acid Interaction ]
02:02 – [ Outro: When a Battery is Ready for Service ]


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Sénior Texmenistan

…it's Not tap water that's poured into them, it's distilled water… 🤔 you can't have contaminates in the water

Trump Is An Idiot

That explained nothing

Charles Dickens

…… , its a big mistake to place the lead negative plate into the separator envelope, it needs to be the brown lead dioxide positve plate cos they tend to fracture and crumble .

gshbs sbnhhz

ماهي مادة الرصاص لأسفنجي الذي تشكل قطب سالب وماهي مادة ثاني اكسيد رصاص الذي تشكل قطب موجب


Ok. This explained NOTHING. You explain ONLY by "how" it's made
But nothing in between of how, what,why etc. This would anger a 5 year old. You left everything out. Like say "How a house is made". Concrete poured, wood assembles to a house, utilities are added like power & water, house has walls built & windows put in. It's painted. You have a house! SEE HOW STUPID & USELESS THAT IS? Plus what is "juice"? Seriously. Fire the narrator & video maker.

saharbattery sepand

Nobody can tell me how they determine positive and negative plates How are they charged? At the very beginning of the process?

Scott Chapman

You put a little squirrel inside of a plastic box and you have them run around a little wheel and have the belt turn a magneto and Wallah you have yourself a battery


Do you make your own batteries? or are they rebranded Johnson Controls?

Dexter Powers

I reconditioned my dead auto battery a couple weeks ago using this reconditioning plan ( Check Details Here>>> )  and it`s been functioning wonderfully since that time! My vehicle battery was totally dead before I made use of this technique. I don`t need brand new batteries and this is big financial savings for me personally. It works for all kinds of batteries!


Even kids in third world country know how to make battery

Johnnie Wong

It looks simply but not really so simple to make a battery!


This was great, but what is the "thick paste"??

Joseph White

Awesome video!

dan and Mai rodriguez

Thanks for NOT indicating what the coatings are… Dumb video