I bought my Mum her Dream Car.

Thank you for making this possible ❤️

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I can't thank you enough – being able to do this for my mum was one of the most special experiences of my entire life ❤


The reason you can't open up the bonnet is so that when something goes wrong, you have no choice but to take it back to Mercedes.

V Subs

How this eqs interior looks like s class


The licence plate gotta be the best part


great job!

Fun with Jerry

Can't believe I cried at the very end, wish I could be this close to my parents😭


Love he's speech at the end
She asked if that was a cake and
Love me some cutting-edge tech



Wah Praise

The Most beautiful video I have seen on the internet for a while now!

Divine Favour

This is the most Amazing thing I've seen in a long while.
You're really awesome.


Bro I'm new can you make a video about Samsung galaxy s23ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro max

Shehriyar Khan

So happy for you and what you have achieved so far. Have been following you for so many years .. stay humble and keep working hard

Style and glam

Reminds me of tarzan

sais said

Why I’m crying 😿

jam ham

Top G: What color is ur Bugatti?

gametube king

Just beautiful what you did for you mother I hope your kids in the future will give you the same love

Santosh Kumar

So, money can buy happy😁ness


Meanwhile Arun's dad 🗿

Maudood Ahmed

And people say that money can't buy happiness

alexi sharma

Me watching this : When will I be able to do something like that for my Dad ?


This is on my bucket list

Jackson Joseph

Proud moment♥️


That color is MENTAL

Kome Epule Clarence Baldwin

Man, you are just amazing
God bless you for taking your mum's joy to another level
It really inspired me man
I hope I can do something like this for my mum on her birthday aswell in some years to come 😭


The hidden rick roll always gets us😂😂😂😂

Ampili Anil


Real Master

First time here.. looking forward:)