Tarp Camping In Cold Temperatures

tarp camping in cold temperatures with open tarp shelter and sleeping bag. cooking food on twig stove fire and enjoying nature on this overnight bushcraft adventure .

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Giuseppe Orsetti


Randy Tate

Another great video. Just wondering, do you still use the Mardingtop 65+ or 75 liter backpacks, and if so, what do you think of them now. Are they worth the purchase. Keep Boomer coming on your videos.

Christopher Distura

Lonewolf?? You're never a lone wolf when you have a spouse??

manjek channel


Lynn Embro

You guys be safe Fiona headed your way! In Florida we are bracing for a west coast hit….so flat here it can cross the state in no time! Take care!

Jazzy's Fallen in Reverse

This is what my camping trip was like last weekend chilly and windy over here in Colorado. Little boomer is just so adorable. I took my dog for the first time and He was better in the mountains the he is in town lol ( yappy wiener dog )

Koya Pol

always love the video quality


Your cute little dog looks like he's part Chihuahua and part wire-haired mini Dachshund. He's adorable.

Stu Harrison

Great video!

Kadek Tony



Thanks for this cool video! Keep on rockin'!

jim hurley

Was on your face nhead

Dm Tnw

I have a nephew who will not eat anything that touches something else– he keeps all vegetables inn their own separate bags he has set up each bag has a serving even the bags cannot touch other vegetables bags or he won't eat them and he eats all vegetables raw; another is similar and neither will eat spaghetti or goulash or stew/ soups or other foods mixed when they go to buffets they only have 1 item on their plate when finished they get a different plate for a different item; this is how they have grown up the first is 12 the other is 14. Great video


Do you ever manage to scratch your titanium pots when you are eating out of them? Is it a concern for you or just a minor annoyance?

David Murray

boomer is the greatest

Daniel Karow

Pretty cool adventure! I like that you are doin different things and testing new things out. There is a lot of companies popping up with freeze dried meals and in my experiences they tend to do a lot more better than the old fashioned ones. But still i like to cook a bit fresh on trips from time to time. Pretty cool trips together with you both, i wish you all the best for your new child, please keep going , awesome channel. Greetings Daniel

Kasa Bonika

Your beautiful wife looks like a young Renee Zellweger..

Going Vagrant

Great video and another great place!

Yakoob Junior

Really enjoyed watching this awesome tarp camping trip and the scenery was simply stunning 👍🏼 I too, love tarp camping. Keep them coming mate 👍🏼

Rohini singh

Boomer is very baby baby 🐕
No water for boomer?
Hi guys pleasure to catch you both on your blockbuster camping trip
Stay blessed

Joe Morris

Great video and another great location!


I hope I can be as successful as you… keep working👍👍👍👍


A relaxing and peaceful video to watch. Boomer really had a great time camping with you guys.

Calvin Meeks

Nice camping trip

Kathleen Whowell

love your videos they are so relaxing and cozy. makes me want to go camping and just to get away. thanks for your awsome videos love you both. hope your feeling good kendra with your pregnacy. thanks for the great relaxing videos. hello boomer as well such a sweet looking dog. take care you too.

Tan Man

that little doggy is so freaking cute


Great video what a beautiful spot!

Nick hikes in the woods

Great video tarp camping is the best did you know the North face tent y'all have you can use the rainfly footprint poles and tent stakes of course for just a shelter and you can just leave like the tent itself at home pretty cool feature about it

Bobbie Younce

Boomer is so adorable! What breed of pup is he?

Western Spirit

You better button down the hatches. Hurricane Fiona is coming directly for you. And even if it downgrades to a Cat 1 or 2 it is still going to be brutal.

Lim Lie Fung



It's nice to camp slowly on the vast land – the sunset sky is beautiful

Hercules Vournelis

My best wishes my friends. Hi Boomer. You look amazing 😊

Louvina St.Prix-Smikle

Great video. The colors of the sky and shrubbery was beautiful. I was very relaxed watch this video. Beautiful location.

the forest & me

Thank you for the Video ✌🏻😎

Kh Kg

THEสุรักษ์..N. K

Bo Nilsson

In my experience most dogs like their food somewhat warmed up if its the canned moist food, not hot of couese.


Another incredibly beautiful, inspiring, cozy video. You excel at these kinds of videos. Always so nice to see Kendra; she seems like a sweetie. I'm a vegetarian too. And that little Boomer steals my heart every time. I feel so much peace watching your videos. I'm so grateful for all the time you put into these videos. Thank you for all your time and effort. They're greatly appreciated. 🌿🌿


Thank you for taking us on ur adventures! I love all of ur Videos I have learned so much from you thank you😊your little Furbaby is adorable 🥰 🤗❤️🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

David Bock

Soooooo much gear. How far from the truck? No way you guys carried that stuff more than a mile or 3.

Aufidius One

Outstanding. As always. Hot tent camping is soon upon us in Alaska. Do you have any plans to review the Nortent Vern 1 or 2? I have a Gamme 6, soon the extreme 8. The Vern will be my next purchase for 2023. Wishing you and the family well. Cheers to many more adventures. And videos of course!

Stephen Pitts

boomer is the star, FACT 😛 ps great vids btw

Borneo Girl Adventure

It's really cool with an open tent model like that… the wind must be very cool and the view is the river, I really like the way you camp 👍🏻😍


Awesome camping vid bro. Just beware of Jerky Farts.

Spells For Sale

The colors are absolutely amazing! That's the best little dog 🐕 🙂

ΛᄂƬ F4

What is that thing on the side of your head brah

Peter Diebel

Jeremy, really nice outing u & family .You re right its gettin cool at night these days.Your tarp there where is it available, and whats the price? Cheers from Sechelt B.C..