WINTER CAMPING FAIL – Will my Canvas Tent Survive with Hundreds of lbs of Snow on it?!

Holy cow, I am so amazed with how resilient this Kodiak Lodge Cabin tent is! This was quite the experience and I felt like I got there just in the nick of time!

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Joe A

Only you bro!!!! 😄


dont worry man this is the only year northern az had so much snow in years

Kyle Fox

Tent will go back to normal with wood stove heat. Those tents are absolute units. You’re still learning. Don’t beat yourself up too much bud.

Diana Neuenschwander

I am glad the tent could handle the snow load and did not tear. Reccomend a a snow rake to help remove the snow. Also if it is light snow, try a leaf blower.

richard leach

Look, look, LOOK, I live in northern Minnesota, what do want me to look at? Lol

Ken McGuire

Not a hater here from California but the drama here is just stupid you should call your dad to help fund a recovery rescue.
And have him explain to you you're not cut out to be living in a truck camper…. he probably funds your project because you won't leave home… which I agree with 100%…. okay okay okay now I'm ready for the responses from the people that like to watch and learn from the DRAMA….LOL

Terry Barrett


Low Range Overland


Zoi Zisi

Hello Phil η σκηνή σου είναι πολύ δυνατή αντέχει μπράβο πιστεύω πως θα την φτιάξεις πάλι όμορφη 😘😘😘

Shane Coite

Hope you learned your lesson. Cannot be too laxed in the winter with a tent in heavy snow. Happy trails. Very nice setup.

Chris Stiles

I need to know if you got to the good snacks!😂😂

Marco McDowell

Build an internal frame if you'll be leaving it alone long enough for snow to accumulate like that.


Build a wood frame inside of the tent

Eric Siebert

Those are jizz stains 😂

Harold Brett keep on truckin

If u would have stayed u would have been totally wiped out from work

Harold Brett keep on truckin

B4 u left what was the weather forecast for those next several days

Harold Brett keep on truckin

Lesson learned and noted

Cigar Prepper

F in crazy !!!!!!!!!

The Tunnell Take

Am I down to mob? In that? I can honestly say….. nope. Lol

Walter R.

Why does he think he messed up the tent, I mean you are just using it, not your fault.

David Messer

Flagstaff can get as much as four feet of snow. My wife and I drove out to Flagstaff in 1997. We kept noticing huge piles of snow on large vacant lots. Finally we got into a conversation with a Navajo man that worked in Flagstaff. He said a snow front came in and circled the mountain there. It dumped snow for 17 straight hours. When it was over people had to drop out of windows. They took almost a week for the town to open up completely. It can snow insane amounts out there occasionally. Glad everything was okay after you dug out. Take care my friend. Vaughn

Denese Weatherby

All that snow makes me glad I'm from warm Texas.

Supa Mahyo

Man keep killing it the content! But dude you’ve been having some bad juju lately, I think you’ve might’ve pitch that tent on some haunted Indian plot or something😂😂😂!


Love your videos bro and love your personality your such a vibe been watching for a while keep grinding brother 💯


You need an extension Pole like they use on roofs to get the snow off… Totally helps and you pull it back to you… It takes the snow off so easily… But yeah man you totally sunk that roof down

smashedfoot lefty

you should've waited for global warming to melt the snow off the tent