Does this mean the pyramids are basically giant waterslides?

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They started to the middle and work up and down at the same time.🤣🤣

Maria Lourdes

the reporter's questions are nonsense!

Vishnu KK

Stupid qstns

Mark Gerard

There's a democrat senator that thought that an island had so many people that they island would tip over. Not joking.


I just want to find this interview!


Those were all valid questions..

Rose Merlin John

Where is the full video

Srajan Verma

These were the most stupid interview questions ever!!

Mario cavero

OMG i thought it was Sarah Palin interviewing a scientist!

susmita mitra

Is this interview for real ?
(Pls forgive me for my dumbness and not knowing it)

deekshithreddy chamala

Those are the dumbest questions ever asked o n pyramids

Julhandiarso Handogo

This reporter 😆😆😆😆

Dinesh Bhattarai

WTF what was that question?😂😂


They looked after each other? I don't think so. 🤨


Is this a comedy sketch or real interview!?

Alan Bbrady

Homelessness isn't a joke and it ain't funny.

Puddin Shoon

She is too stupid to be true.

Anisur Rahman


Doc Magilicuty

This is what happens when MAGA Karen’s teach history

Charlie Hopes

I can't believe this is a BBC interview.

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