Discover Treasure Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt? Buried Treasure

In Buried Treasure, kids will discover that “ treasure ” can mean much, much more than just a buried trunk full of pirate booty. Treasures of all kinds are explored here : from the gold, silver, and gems recovered from shipwrecks to the ancient art found in European caves and the golden glories of King Tut’s tomb.
Bạn đang xem : Discover treasure là gì Kids will launch their explorations with the story of the Atocha, a 17 th – century Spanish shipwreck containing USD 400 worth of valuable loot that took Mel Fisher and his team of divers over 16 years to recover. They’ll also learn about other recovered shipwrecks, including the Titanic, and check out the most famous ones on a map of shipwreck sites around the world .

Other kinds of buried treasure – for kids interested in archaeology – take the spotlight next. They’ll read about the incredible drawings, weapons, and tools left deep in caves by Ice Age people, and take a look at finds from renowned cave sites like Altamira, in Spain. Next, they’ll dig deep into the tomb of the Lord of Sipán in Peru, marvel at the jade shroud of a Han dynasty prince, and examine the priceless articles recovered from Egyptian tombs. Finally, they’ll be encouraged to look for valuable finds close to home with a section on how stamps, coins, comics, and other collectibles can be considered today’s “buried treasure”. For kids who have the collecting bug, this issue is sure to become a prized possession!


The Rosetta Stone and Other Buried Treasures

Imagine finding a buried treasure ! 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

Treasures from the 17th-Century Ship Atocha

560L-740 L 750L-890 L 900L-1040 LOn September 4, 1622, the mighty Spanish ship Nuestra Señora de Atocha sailed proud … 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

Twelve of the Most Valuable Cargoes Lost at Sea

560L-740 L 750L-890 L 900L-1040 LFor as long as people have been sailing, there have been shipwrecks. 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

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Ingots, Weapons, and Other Treasures Lost at Sea

The oldest known shipwreck yet recovered dates from around 1300 B.C. 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

Treasures Found in Caves

560L-740 L 750L-890 L 900L-1040 LLong, long before people lived in apartments and split-level homes, they lived in caves. 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

Mummies and More

560L-740 L 750L-890 L 900L-1040 L

Angry mummies in movies such as The Mummy and The Mummy’s Curse are annoyed at havin …

560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L

Treasures Close to Home

560L-740 L 750L-890 L 900L-1040 LTreasures in your attic, basement, and backyard ? 560L-740L 750L-890L 900L-1040L
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